Why Mail Everthing?

Our Mission

Mail Everything’s mission is to help companies grow! We love being apart of each company we work with, and take great pride in making your operational visions a reality. We strive to make each package your send to a customer a 5 star experience – all while lowering your overall cost and netting you more revenue and time to continue to grow your company and do what you love.


We are committed to providing mailing and fulfillment services tailored to meet our customer’s needs. Our quality management system is the foundation upon which our services are supported. We are committed to continuous improvement of our services and service excellence which translates into customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Certifications and Compliancies


ISO 9001.2015

The ISO 9001.2015 standard is a vigorous international standard developed to ensure that a company has numerous checks, balances, and back up documentation in place during all processes of business. Mail Everything has been certified in this standard since 2008, and has several audits each year to ensure compliance.

Women Owned and Operated

Mail Everything is a certified women owned and operated business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.



Mail Everything is compliant with all of the data and communication policies of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.


We love privacy! The 2018 European Law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), gives consumers the rights over their data and how it is used. Mail Everything is proud to be fully compliant with all data and will never sell client supplied data to any party.


Powerful Technology

Mail Everything leverages powerful integration technology to automate your fulfillment process. Simply install our prebuilt API integration on a supported platform, and orders will be automatically fulfilled, and updated on your store or selling channel. No more copy pasting, and no more worrying about missing shipments. Our integrations have the capability to update your order status, input tracking information, and sync inventory levels.

Sync as many selling channels as you would like to have them all linked, and visible from one platform. Don’t see your platform or selling channel listed? We can integrate with it! We have a standing REST API and EDI to integrate with any platform you may be receiving orders or purchase orders on.

Use Mail Everything’s cloud based software to manage your stock levels, view invoices, create and input orders, generate reports, and much more. Our portal to view and manage your operations is available to use at no cost with our services. Access this 24/7 from any computer with internet access.

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

Pick and Pack

Mail Everything has a detailed and proven pick and pack method. Each and every order, envelope, or kit must pass by several sets of eyes, and a detailed and logged QC process.

We stand behind our work and your packages! If Mail Everything is found to be at fault for an order being miss picked, we will not charge a service fee for a replacement to be sent to your customer.

Our current pick/pack/assembly accuracy rate is 99.8% accurate.


We want to ensure your packages get in the hands of the intended recipient as much as your do! Should a package get lost or damaged in transit – Mail Everything will file claims on your behalf at no charge (when using our shipping accounts).


Each kitting action we do goes through a strict QC process ensuring your products and kits are put together to your exacting specifications. Mail Everything can handle all types of kitting, including: Subscription, food and perishables, testing components, custom labeling, marketing, product assembly, and large/oversized goods.


I have had the pleasure of working with Mail Everything for almost 5 years now. They have been instrumental in helping our businesses grow from infancy to today serving tens of thousands of customers every month. Mail Everything’s team is diligent, friendly and always accessible. Over the years, I have referred numerous friends and business owners to Mail Everything and they have had nothing but positive experiences also. If you are looking for help with logistics or fulfillment, Mail Everything is the ideal partner – they go above and beyond to help their customers with the A to Z of logistics and fulfillment.

Grace & Stella Co.

Adi, Owner and CEO
Mail Everything has been instrumental in the launch of our products. They are professional and responsive. They take the time to answer any questions their customers may have and they pro-actively seek solutions for their customers to ensure a seamless process. I am proud to be a Mail Everything client and look forward to building on our strong relationship.

The Endurance Club

Managing the logistics at BenBella Books for marketing mailings, bulk and website sales had been challenging and costly in the past.

We switched fulfillment centers 3 times within 2 years. Until we found the right partner in September 2016: Mail Everything.

Mail Everything has provided an exceptional customer service, processing orders in their system is very simple and efficient, the turnaround is almost immediate.

The communication from their staff is terrific, not just informing when there is an issue but also when things are smooth. Thanks to this partnership our customer satisfaction has improve tremendously!

Thank you for the high quality service on handling our fulfillment and for always looking for ways to improve.

Benbella Books

Aida Herrera, Administrative Director


Is there a set up fee to get started?

No! Any client using our standard services will not have any set up fee’s or recurring monthly fee’s.

How do I get my product to Mail Everything?

Mail Everything will organize a pick up for your freight or boxes of product for no charge – you just pay the cost to ship. If you are local to our Chicagoland warehouse, we will pick up your packaged items!

What are the first steps?

The first step is to open a dialog between Mail Everything and you. We know that every company’s operations are different – and we want to make sure we are 100% fitting your companies operational needs. From there you send us your product, and we set up your account for you.

Do you charge to receive items?

No! We do not charge to receive any items as long as your shipment complies with our receiving guidelines. Any shipment that does not will be billed labor to sort, count, and verify. Please reach out to your Account Manager for a copy of Mail Everything’s receiving guidelines.

What type of support does Mail Everything offer?

Mail Everything offers a personal support solution for every client – no matter your size. Have a quick question or a big issue we can help with? Give us a call or email anytime! If your team operates on a different communication channel, we can comply. Slack, Asana, text? No problem!! We love talking fulfillment and getting stuff done!

I need a custom solution, not just my product in a box. What are my options?

We love customizing packages and kits!! We believe that every package is an extension of a companies brand – and we don’t want to limit that! If you need custom inserts, packaging, notes, labeling, or anything else just let us know! There is no limit to customizing your packaging and customer experience. If you don’t know where to start, our staff can help give you any information we have gained throughout our years in the industry.

Is there any minimum volume I need to hit for using your service?

We do not require any minimum order volume to be our client! We love working with and watching companies grow. We do charge a monthly minimum of $150 in order to provide the personalized customer service, inventory management, and account management for your products. If your services total is over $150, there is no fee levied on your account.

Can we use our shipping accounts?

Yes, any client is entitled to use our discounted shipping accounts, or your own. We do not charge any fee for using a third party account to ship your products.

Can we come and visit?

Of course! Please contact us to schedule a facility tour and visit.